Jade’s True Love

Jade was not the one who wandered and procrastinated when it came to getting things done she always got it done until she met Daniella. Now growing up in a small town Jade was always straight forward and bold ,she never knew her parents so she had to teach herself the wonders of the world. One day as she was leaving work upon arriving to the driver’s side of her 2000 ford truck she dropped her keys ,”Shit! she muttered under her breath,as she reached down to pick them up she raised up to meet a beautiful woman’s honey brown eyes,”Hello,are you okay?” Jade in a nervous stutter replied,”Uhhh yes I am fine just dropped my keys and you are? In a calm tone Daniella raised her hand to meet Jade’s,”Sorry I’m Daniella nice to meet you. Jade shook Daniella’s hand,nice to meet you too,” Are you new in town?”No,I lived here for 4 years now been thinking about leaving it is so dry here and what about you?” Jade had never been in love so she was not sure exactly what she was feeling. I have been here my whole life,never knew my parents but still turned out okay,started the salon right after college.”Wow,so you don’t know me but you have given me your complete life story?” Jade giggled, “No, you don’t know everything so how about we get to know each other better?Daniella smiled,”The 88 diner and bar is open we can go there now.Jade smiled back,” Okay, let’s go.” The diner was always close to empty except for Tom the milk man and Bernadette the waitress and Dan the cook. Jade greeted Daniella at the diner door, opened it and allowed her to enter before me,”Thank you,she smiled.” We found a booth in the corner and sat down. Bernadette greeted us with menus. “Can I get you ladies anything to drink?” I will take a sex on the beach Daniella softly said, I will take a Miller lite. No problem Jade so how is the salon holding up?” Oh,it’s great thanks for asking Bernadette. As the waiter walks off Jade feels something rubbing her leg it is Daniella’s foot.”So,what do you want to eat?” Daniella gets up and moves to Jade’s side of the table,she leans in close and whispers,You she teasingly says right before she kisses Jade. Jade pushes Daniella away,”I thought we were coming to eat and talk Jade said.” We are Daniella said as she placed her hand on Jade’s leg. Just as Jade was about to respond the waiter approaches,”Here’s your drinks ladies.” Thank you Bernadette.” At this point Jade’s whole body was heated up. Bernadette I think we will take the check thanks,Danielle flirtingly looks at Jade with a smirk.”Yes the check please,Jade responds. As the night progresses Jade can’t help but stare at Daniella.”Want to get out of here Daniella?” Eyes locked on Jade she replies,”Yes,let’s go.” As soon as Jade opens the door Daniella turns Jade around and begins kissing her passionately. Jade kicks the door close and picks up Daniella. They make their way down the hall and to Jade’s bedroom. Daniella let’s take a shower,Jade says.”Before any response Jade still holding onto Daniella enters the bathroom and turns on the shower. Pulling each other’s clothes they get into the shower .Jade grabs the soap and rubs it all over Daniella’s body. Jade softly kisses Daniella’s neck and proceeds to move down.Jade then pushes Daniella up against the shower wall and places her mouth between Daniella’s legs. Daniella let’s out a moan as she screams out,”Faster. Jade’s tongue begins to rotate left and right faster and faster until she can feel Daniella’s nails in her back. As Daniella’s body goes limp Jade turns off the shower steps out and hands Daniella a towel.” So was it everything you wanted,Jade said jokingly?” Daniella makes her way to the bed,”No it was more than that”. Daniella yells out. As Jade approaches Daniella she sits on the bed. “So,can I ask you a question”? Jade looks over at Daniella. Yes,Daniella says. Jade looks confused,Why do you think we met randomly? Daniella looked up at Jade and sighs “Do you remember Racheal?” Jade was really lost at this point,”Yes,why and how do you know my ex?” Daniella explains,it was suppose to be a set up from the beginning and it turned out horribly. Daniella stands and starts to put her clothes on,Racheal is my best friend and when you broke her heart I was pissed,I wanted to get revenge for her. I slept with you and now I think I am in love. As the morning light peeks through the curtains Jade and Daniella stay up talking and cuddling. Love at first sight has a weird way of showing itself.


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