Rose’s Thorns

Rose Withers was a intelligent yet shy woman she spoke when spoken to but was always the type to go get what she wants. Everyone thought she was strange but yet mysterious and the reason for this will stem from her past ,present and future……..

Rose grew up with her grandmother Alice who always told her to be alert and ready to conquer the world.Now Rose being that she was only 8 at the time thought the world is a big place and it will take more than a 8 year old to conquer it.

One day as Rose was picking flowers in the backyard and all a sudden she heard a scream from the shed,”Come to me little one!” Rose stopped dead in her tracks and listened again, “Come to the light!”Rose with a fear driven look in her eyes ran as fast as she could into the house to her grandmother Alice.

A terrifying wreck Rose began to utter the words but nothing came out all of a sudden a wretched yell from her mouth shrieked out,”GHOST!!!”.Her grandmother brought her over to the couch sat her down and wiped her delicate tears. Softly she looked into her granddaughter’s eyes and said,”I wanted to wait until you were older to tell you about this but I guess I will tell you now.”

Rose dried up her tears and said between sobs,”What do you mean?”Alice grabbed Rose’s hand and lead her to the shed as she opened the shed Rose’s eyes grew as big as the moon. A green hue illuminated them it drew Rose in like a cheetah stalking it’s prey. “Come with me. ” Alice quietly guided Rose over to a black cauldron and told her to look inside. Rose peered inside and like a wave in the ocean her mother’s face appeared. Confused she looked up and said “What does this mean?”

Alice smiled and began explaining well Rose long ago me and your mom used to spend alot of time together fighting and casting spells on those who we thought would cause us harm. Rose listened with uncertainty….

Alice stopped and looked over at Rose,”You see Rose your mom and I are witches dear.”Rose stumbled backward and tripped over something big. She got up and ran out the shed toward the house. “Wait! Alice yelled as she chased after her.


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